Creating growth – again

med Henrik Werdelin

We invite you to an EGN Global Webinar on June 26th at 9 AM CET
(45 minutes webinar, followed by a 30 minutes facilitated post webinar reflections session with EGN members from around the world).

Meet Henrik Werdelin, who specializes in applying lessons from startups to existing businesses to get them growing again. By explaining his “Acorn Method”, an approach used by companies like Intel, LEGO and Coca-Cola, he will inspire you how to create, implement, govern, and scale new business within your organization. You’ll get insight into a step-by-step process, the philosophy behind, and some growth business cases who have used this method.

By learning how to create “acorns” in your business, you’ll create longevity and ensure that other trees don’t grow quicker and steal your sunlight.

If you’re responsible for the growth of your organization and business – as a founder, executive, or a change agent – you know the landscape is changing. Mature companies invest 10 times more than venture capitalists but are growing slower than before. To create real, lasting growth, you’ll need a new mindset, one that borrows from not just the startup world, but also from the natural world. Similar to how oak trees regenerate by dropping acorns that become new trees, you need to grow new lines of business within your existing organization. You need to learn how to build a forest – not just a bigger tree.

At the end of the webinar with Henrik you will be invited to join a 30 minutes facilitated post webinar reflection session with EGN members from around the world. The meeting link to join this session will be posted to all participants in the end of the webinar.

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Henrik Werdelin is the co-founder of America’s fastest growing pet brand BARK (makers of BarkBox) and is the founding partner of Prehype, an international organization that helps entrepreneurs and companies build new ventures. Henrik has been part of startups that were acquired by Facebook and Microsoft, and has advised companies like Coca-Cola, LEGO, Novozymes, CitiGroup, Intel, Carlsberg, Leo Pharma and Verizon. His methods are taught at Stanford and other leading universities and have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, Fast Company and other major publications. Originally from Denmark, Henrik lives sin New York with his family.

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