Transformational Leadership -  Are you ready to bring your business into the future?

We invite you to an EGN Global Webinar on October 8th at 9.00 CET (60 minutes webinar followed by a facilitated network session with EGN members from around the world).

Meet Karen Tobiasen. Business executive, transformer, and facilitator with 20+ years of experience in People, Culture, and Transformation Leadership roles from several multinationals.

For years, companies have invested billions into leadership development – yet few see sustained impact. Traditional leadership training is no longer sufficient. These times require a move to Transformational Leadership. Transformational Leaders are resilient – able to tune into the business’ needs by listening deeply and balancing the needs of many stakeholders. They’re less focused on serving themselves, instead, they thrive by serving the whole and leading the business to both perform and transform.

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Karen has experience in leading transformations in global corporations including the technology firm SAP, health tech and manufacturing company Phillips, and financial services company Nordea Bank – she has felt the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A time where the pace is set by technology’s exponential development, and globalization, regulations, generational shifts, and corporate citizenship all add to the picture.

Some of the key insights and outcomes you will gain from the session are:

  • The role of leadership in our new/evolved context
  • What the new era of leadership looks like
  • How to become great leaders by working with ourselves
  • Ways to increase your impact – with peers, teams, in your business and society

Through working with tens of thousands of leaders across the world, Karen has explored transformational leadership and developed the “Ten Steps of Transformation” which guide how leaders can step into transformational leadership for the benefit of themselves, their team, business, and society. She will share more about the Steps in the webinar – and for those interested, they can dive much deeper in her upcoming book, The Heart Revolution, launched on September 29th.

After the webinar, you will be invited to join a 30-minutes facilitated network session with EGN members from around the world.  The link to join this session will be posted to all participants at the end of the webinar.

Karen’s profile: Karen has been SVP HR & Transformation for SAP EMEA+India (Software), Chief People Officer for Philips Lighting, global responsible for Culture Transformation in Royal Philips (Technology), and Chief People Officer for Nordea (Banking).

She has a background as an Executive MBA and Gestalt Psycho-Therapist with deep experience with designing and delivering large scale (culture) transformations.

Karen has founded BreathingBusiness – a consultancy business that helps people and organizations to transform.

Times adjusted for timezones:
9.00-10.30 AM Central European time (CET)
10.00-11.30 AM Helsinki time
2.00-3.30 PM Bangkok time
6.00-7.30 PM Sydney time
8.00-9.30 PM New Zealand time

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