Inclusion first!

Organizations around the globe are increasingly taking the inclusion and diversity topic seriously in response to the needs of a changing world. The business case for inclusion is stronger now more than ever, especially while navigating going through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While many organizations spent the last decades focusing on equal opportunities and diversity strategies, the shift today is to focus on inclusion and create inclusive cultures that enable employees, managers, or leaders to show up authentically and to reach their full potential.Join the EGN global webinar on 11 March 2021 with Isabelle Pujol, Founder and CEO of Pluribus, a leading Global Inclusion & Diversity Consultancy. Isabelle will address the following:

  • Explore what is behind the words 'inclusion' and 'diversity'
  • Address the business case for I&D (Inclusion & Diversity)
  • Get inspired by some examples of Best in Class in I&D
  • Understand the biggest obstacles to inclusion


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About Isabelle Pujol:
Isabelle Pujol is Founder and CEO of PLURIBUS, a global consultancy committed to develop individuals, teams and organisations to succeed through inclusion and diversity, and with the motto "at Pluribus, we believe in a world where everyone belongs". 
With her cross-cultural team of passionate Inclusion and Diversity consultants (60 people from all over the world), she provides strategic consulting, designs and facilitates conversations with leaders from high performing global organisations to create truly inclusive performing cultures. Key clients are from various sectors and industries with I&D projects in all continents. Isabelle's strong belief is to focus on Inclusion first!
Before founding Pluribus in November 2006, she was one of the pioneering I&D directors in Europe.Isabelle is determined to play a positive role in the world. She is passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential by finding their unique leadership journey. Therefore, she strongly promotes effective and respectful communication to help individuals and teams reconnect with their inner voice and authenticity. Ultimately, it is about feeling listened to, respected and included!
Isabelle is the co-author of the book on global inclusion "Inclusion Around The Clock". 


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